Tuesday, 2 March 2010

The town that fell into the sea

... or is on its way there, anyway.

It's a beautiful piece of coastline, and especially on a bright day like today.

However, look closely. Standing on the coast, looking over the eroding cliffs at collapsed items of masonry, is a sobering experience.

We'd previously visited Happisburgh about three years ago. On that occasion, we'd had tea in a B&B-cum-cafe in the worst hit part of the village, and the owner told us then that they wouldn't be open next year. We're not certain whether anybody still lives there, but certainly the houses along that small road have a feeling of desolation. Somehow, I couldn't bring myself to take photographs of them.

We looked from the end of the road across to the great red-and-white lighthouse. Whether that stands far enough from the vanishing cliffs to remain there - only time will tell.

Move along with us for tea in Stalham.

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