Thursday, 28 June 2007

A day at the Royal Norfolk Show

Well, we've only been in Norfolk just over two years... it was about time we did this!

Unlike most days in the last month, it didn't rain, and the sun showed his face more often than not. Fabulous range of stands, far too many tempting things - we could've bankrupted ourselves many times over. Resisting the pink suede jacket was a triumph of discipline over desire...

I've been roaming through some of the websites for the products we bought, and here are a few favourites.
  • Essence: amazing jams & chutneys (love the Bloody Mary Relish)
  • Norfolk & Suffolk Speciality Foods: more condiments, including vegan & halal - our choice is a fabulous citrus chutney
  • Gourmet Med: site still under construction, but they do the best olive / tomato / artichoke / garlic type saladstuff I've tasted for ages
  • Popina: yummy tarts
Hey - it's all food!!

Friday, 22 June 2007

Pensthorpe again - and clerics

A very good Thursday. We had a concert to prepare for, so wanted a quiet place to sit with files and lists to brainstorm a running order; so went to Pensthorpe again, had a wander round the garden and then sat with our paperwork over lunch. Here are a couple of pleasing sights from the beautiful gardens.

Daisies before the storm (I wished I'd knelt down further to get that tall daisy in front of the sky - it would have been better composition...)

some astonishing fluffy poppies

and finally, to a recording for Radio Norfolk - hopefully for broadcast at some stage - called Clerical Errors: musings, party pieces and observations. Chaired by Keith Skipper (centre), we were much entertained by (L to R) Bishop Peter Fox, Canon Ivan Bailey, Revd Jan McFarlane and Bishop Graham James. The photo is a bit weird on the colouring; it was taken on the mobile, and I managed to take it at the same time as another camera flash went off!

Friday, 1 June 2007

Concert at the King of Hearts

The King of Hearts is a superb arts centre / craft centre / music room / cafe in Norwich. Today we went to see a lunchtime concert given by Ying Lai Green (double bass) with Lauretta Bloomer at the piano. Completely spellbound by the talent of twenty-seven year old Ying Lai; her command over that vast instrument was stunning.

The Kodaly Epigrams were tiny musical pen-and-ink drawings, detailed and evocative. The Schubert Arpeggione Sonata was a completely stunning display of virtuosity; and Ying Lai's description of Bottesini's Fantasie on La Sonnambula was "a bit of fun" - but what fun! Forty-five minutes of sheer magic.

Post script: clearly the reviewer from the Eastern Daily Press enjoyed it, too. (Click on the image for a larger version.)