Tuesday, 16 March 2010

A different look at the Lord's Prayer

My husband is looking today at resources for use during Lent. This year, the Diocese of Norwich is focusing its Lenten thoughts on Papua New Guinea. Among the items in the resources pack on the website, he's found the following.

I find it delightful to see the most familiar prayer in the English language expressed in this way. I especially enjoy the idea of untying wrongdoings.

English translation interlined

Papa bilong mipela,
Our Father
Yu i stap long heven,
You are in heaven,
Nem bilong yu i mas stap holi.
Your name must be holy.
Kingdom bilong yu i mas i kam.
Your Kingdom must come.
Mipela i mas bihainim laik bilong yu long graun
We must follow your wish on earth
Olsem ol i mas bihainim long heven.
Just as all must follow (your wish) in heaven.
Nau yu ken givim mipela kaikai inap long dispela de:
Now you can give us enough food for today:
Na yu lusim ol rong bilong mipela
And you untie our wrongdoings
Olsem mipela i lusim ol rong ol man i mekim long mipela.
Jus as we untie the wrongdoings people make towards us.
Na yu no bringim mipela long traim,
And do not bring us to trial,
Tasol tekewe mipela long samting nogut;
But take us away from bad things;
Kingdom, na strong, na biknem
Kingdom, and strength, and honour
I bilong yu tasol
Belong to you only
Oltaim, oltaim. Amen.
All time, all time. Amen.

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