Tuesday, 2 March 2010

The round tower of Witton

After a lazy morning (we were tired!) and a practical early afternoon gathering supplies, we had an excellent lunch (posh welsh rarebit) at The Cockerel in North Walsham. Lovely food in a friendly place, and they seem to host great events, too.

Then, in the late afternoon, we drove east towards the coast. On a beautiful day, the sun descending but still bright and clear, we stopped off at Witton, with its beautiful round tower (we weren't able to go inside, but details can be found here on Simon Knott's excellent website). It makes an impressive sight against the skyline, and especially on a clear blue March day.

One of our parishioners is the writer Rory Clements, and he had mentioned that he takes names for some of his characters from ancient gravestones. We think he might find this one useful.

From the back of the churchyard, the horizon displays at least three churches, plus the bright red-and-white lighthouse that points us towards Happisburgh. Pronounced Haseborough. Don't ask us why - we've only been living in Norfolk for five years.

Follow us to Happisburgh.

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