Friday, 22 June 2007

Pensthorpe again - and clerics

A very good Thursday. We had a concert to prepare for, so wanted a quiet place to sit with files and lists to brainstorm a running order; so went to Pensthorpe again, had a wander round the garden and then sat with our paperwork over lunch. Here are a couple of pleasing sights from the beautiful gardens.

Daisies before the storm (I wished I'd knelt down further to get that tall daisy in front of the sky - it would have been better composition...)

some astonishing fluffy poppies

and finally, to a recording for Radio Norfolk - hopefully for broadcast at some stage - called Clerical Errors: musings, party pieces and observations. Chaired by Keith Skipper (centre), we were much entertained by (L to R) Bishop Peter Fox, Canon Ivan Bailey, Revd Jan McFarlane and Bishop Graham James. The photo is a bit weird on the colouring; it was taken on the mobile, and I managed to take it at the same time as another camera flash went off!