Thursday, 28 June 2007

A day at the Royal Norfolk Show

Well, we've only been in Norfolk just over two years... it was about time we did this!

Unlike most days in the last month, it didn't rain, and the sun showed his face more often than not. Fabulous range of stands, far too many tempting things - we could've bankrupted ourselves many times over. Resisting the pink suede jacket was a triumph of discipline over desire...

I've been roaming through some of the websites for the products we bought, and here are a few favourites.
  • Essence: amazing jams & chutneys (love the Bloody Mary Relish)
  • Norfolk & Suffolk Speciality Foods: more condiments, including vegan & halal - our choice is a fabulous citrus chutney
  • Gourmet Med: site still under construction, but they do the best olive / tomato / artichoke / garlic type saladstuff I've tasted for ages
  • Popina: yummy tarts
Hey - it's all food!!