Friday, 20 April 2007


Finally, just outside Whitby (at the foot of the 1-in-4 Lythe Bank - test your brakes!) is Sandsend: a lovely corner with a long beach and some great-looking eateries.

We chose to have coffee, and later lunch, in the Bridge Cottage Cafe, which is excellent; in a lovely sheltered position set just back from the road, it's easy to miss. The food was first-class and the service excellent.

We also spotted Estbek House, which we were sad not to have a chance to try - it looked like a very good "special occasion" venue; and also the fabulously-named Wits End Cafe, which was in the next bend in the road going north.

Finally, we visited the Turnstone Gallery, which contained many lovely things that we'd have been tempted by if we'd had a bit more money!