Friday, 20 April 2007

Playing trains at Grosmont

Selwyn said that this made him feel about six years old.

Grosmont is a lovely little town, with at least three good places to eat: the Station Tavern, the Gallery & Jazz Cafe, and another excellent cafe (where we had delicious quiche & pork pie - one each, I hasten to add), the name of which escapes me for the moment, but which is a few steps down the hill with a charming garden.

In the background of all this, there is the fabulous steam railway. We imagine that the noise might get on your nerves after a while, but for the visitor of a couple of hours, it's great to find yourself expecting Jenny Agutter to come running along the platform! It's a working line, not just for the benefit of tourists, and a lovely step back in time.

There's also St Matthew's Church, in its tranquil setting, with beautiful birdlife - we watched the treecreepers especially as they flitted between the yew trees.