Wednesday, 20 April 2011

tall trees

A comment on my favourite blog today awoke a dim and distant memory. Tania said: "This feels like a metaphor. I could not think for what. For a moment, I was frustrated. Then I thought: sometimes weeding is just weeding. And that is quite all right."

I dug around in the files: here is my rather more longwinded way of saying the same thing, written in March 2003 after a walk across Beddington Park, which backed onto our home when we lived in South London.

late evening, early spring
through the local greenspace
stunned by the image

low-lying, golden sunset light
through tall tall trees
make glorious shadows
on the grass

write it down fast
make a poem
a quotable thought
capture the deeper meaning
of its loveliness

wait, though
it’s just the sun through trees

sun + trees
right place + right time
= beauty

no big deal
just here
right place, right time
as am I –

here to see
sunlight through tall trees

(I have no idea where I got the lovely photograph; it isn't one of mine. I assume I pinched it from somewhere on the internet back in 2003, and apologise for the lack of credit where credit was due.)


Rebecca said...

I don't know if you'll ever find this, but I am encouraged by the fact that you have comment moderation in place - maybe you will see it.

I particularly like the last two lines. And it's true -sometimes it's better just to accept the moment, and enjoy it, rather than to try and pin it down with words. Although I do rather like, in situations such as the above, to think of Dylan Thomas's "windfall light" from Fernhill.

Cassie said...

Thank you, Rebecca. You're quite right - the comment moderation setting means that I do see such comments, and I do appreciate it - I'm glad you liked it. This particular blog is use for a very occasional dumping-ground for thoughts that I want to preserve but which don't seem to have anywhere else to live! Thanks again.