Saturday, 6 February 2010

The robin that fell out of the fridge

Take one garden-bird-watching session, one husband with a blocked-up ear, and you have a problem...

Having been watching, through our kitchen window, the various members of our local ornithological community bouncing around the bird-table (clearly delighted that spring appears to be on its way), we turned our attention to lunch.

Opening the fridge to get out the ham, I remarked in passing "One of the yogurts fell out of the fridge yesterday - that's why it's dented." I got a startled look, and when I repeated what I'd said, my husband replied "sorry - with this blocked ear, I thought you said "one of the robins"..." I then spent the rest of our lunchtime in repeated helpless giggles at the thought of a robin hurtling out of our refrigerator going "****, it's cold in there..."

I'm easily pleased.