Saturday, 26 July 2008

Le Petit Sauzay

We were relieved, after 3 nights' B&B, to stop for the next week. Le Petit Sauzay proved to be a lovely home - in fact, much larger than the photos made it appear. We were given a friendly welcome by the owners' friend, Sheila, who owns a cottage two villages away.

I quickly identified the suitability of the village for a running circuit - just under 1.2 miles - and at least I managed two runs during the week (one, on an obscenely hot evening, just one circuit; on the second occasion I managed two.)

We were also entertained by some scops owls, who seemed to have a very precise timetable that meant they sent out their plaintive cries every evening between 10 and 11 pm; by a tawny owl; and by two spectacular thunderstorms (we encountered several days of what the French call la grande chaleur during this week).

Here are some photographs of our home for the week...
France 2008: Le Petit Sauzay