Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Owls (and other animals)

In Herefordshire for our usual post-Easter break. This sad geek has brought her beautiful new laptop with, which enables uploading of today's photographs... A wonderful day - freezing cold, but beautiful - in the lovely countryside between Kington, Leominster and Hereford, including a visit to one of the best "woleries" (our expression - don't worry about it) we've ever found.

The Small Breeds Farm Park & Owl Centre is an absolutely delightful place, majoring (of course) in owls, but also with red squirrels, goats, small fluffy creatures for petting... fabulous day.

Click on the image below for our album of the day - including the little gang of owls who sit obediently outside the tearoom, just waiting for a fuss from their adoring public.
The Owl Centre, Herefordshire