Sunday, 23 September 2007

Holiday update: summer 2007

A few comments and photos follow from our wanders during our summer holiday in August & September 2007. They're logged under their correct dates, so if you're interested enough to look at them as a set, start here and then click Newer Post at the end of each entry. And if you're feeling really masochistic, click here for Cassie's parallel saga of health and fitness - around the lanes of Breil.

This is an absolutely tiny collection of photos from the huge amount that Dorothy & Cassie took - oh, the freedom of the digital camera! Hopefully it gives enough of a taste without being too boring for the casual visitor.

On reflection, there seems to be an awful lot of food and drink. We did do other things, honestly. Like sleeping. And shopping. Oh, and wandering around chateaux and markets and churches...